3 Novels for $5

October 27, 2015

After I retired, I wanted to try my hand at writing fiction.    Years of writing on such subjects as mortgage finance, volunteerism, deregulation, government entitlements, and cancer treatments had left me with a need to let my imagination take over from research and interviewing.  So I have written three novels, the descriptions of which follow.   As soon as we get the mechanics right, all three will be available for $5 in ebook format.


This is my brand new effort, the story of an American invasion of a Middle Eastern country that never happened.   Much of what happens in the novel is based on true events in Cyprus during the Cold War.  CIA agent Nicholas Kampus is given the job of securing NATO’S southern flank  by keeping Greece and Turkey, two important allies, from going to war over Cyprus while, at the same time, he searches for the killer of his wife.  Throughout the novel I try to describe the challenges that confront the United States as it implements a foreign policy initiative no one thinks will work and which leads up to what Teddy Roosevelt suggested: “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick.”


This is the story of four privileged and very smart young people who put their careers ahead of their hearts as they deal with an issue as big as the universe.   This book was on Amazon’s best seller list in the Religion and Science category for two months  and is still available there.   Also, there is a review of the book by Justine Eure elsewhere on this blog.  He nailed it.


I loved writing this novel because it gave me the chance to describe what I found wonderful about rural Virginia and, at the same time, to deal with the darker side of small town living, hopefully, without offending anyone.   The leading citizen of a small Virginia piedmont town is found dead in the family museum she founded.   As an experienced State investigator and a helpful local Sheriff follow the clues, they discover more about the town than expected and end up with a deeper appreciation of the mores of a community where everyone knows your name.

 Eventually, sooner rather than later, I hope, interested folks will have the ability to purchase all three of these novels for $5, or two of them for $3, or only one for $2.   




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