photo of Warren Dunn in his studio next to one of his paintings


Warren Dunn previously wrote and edited books for specialized audiences in various industries before retiring from Washington, D.C. His first ebook was “A Virginia Kind of Murder,” which explored the tensions in a small Virginia town when its most famous citizen is murdered in the museum she had donated to the community.

His latest ebook, “Indiscriminate Distinctions,” explores the conflict between science and religion, career and relationships, love and duty, sacrifice and privilege.

Dunn also co-authored “The Wisdom of Sam Ervin,” which excerpted the late Senator’s speeches for pearls of wisdom from the self-anointed “simple country lawyer.”

He and his wife Carole, a gifted quilter working under the sobriquet “Muddy Creek Quilts,” and their dog Trooper are recent residents of Winston-Salem, having moved from near Charlottesville, VA., when Dunn found mowing his acreage was losing its attraction. He enjoys painting in his spare time.


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  4. so so interesting! don’t agree about everything. Scottsdale is 116 today!!!!Have you see 3 identical strangers?comment on that!

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