Ah, Memories

March 8, 2019

I don‘t usually expect to get a chuckle by reading the NYTimes every morning, but today’s edition gave me an outright guffaw.


In it was a two-page Budweiser advertising spread.  Page one showed a reproduction of a 1956 ad depicting a faithful and adoring wife still wearing her wedding veil making sure that Budweiser was served with her “delicious dishes” so her husband would be ‘”delighted.”  Page 2 showed a “reimagined” ad depicting a modern woman serving Budweiser to a group of women friends.   I won’t go into detail about either ad because Budweiser’s claim that our country and culture have evolved over time – and advertising should reflect that – is a welcome effort to move with the times.


But everyone knows that modern women prefer a unoaked Chardonnay from California.




The point is that you can’t rewrite history and you can’t make it up; you can just learn from it and perhaps Budweiser deserves credit for recognizing that and being willing to spend whatever astronomical amount of money it takes to let folks know.


But it’s still amusing.  At least to me because the only time I drank a beer with a meal was when I was having a hamburger and, thanks to the medical advice I get, those days are way behind me.


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