Demo Debate: What a relief!

June 27, 2019

As we left the home of friends yesterday evening after a delightful time in which politics was the furthest thing from most everyone’s mind, I confessed to our host that I was going to watch the Democratic debate.  He said, “You are a glutton for punishment!”  He’s absolutely right.  I am drawn to politics like an arsonist to a firetruck.

As it turned out, I was glad I did because, regardless of your politics, it was reassuring that there was a large group of people with political ambitions who 1.) had at least thought out their policy positions; 2.) could explain them coherently; 3.) spoke a form of English that I recognized; 4.) were pretty civil to each other, and most of all appeared to be fully functioning adults.

Of course, it was no debate and I wish they would stop calling them that.  It was really nothing more than an introduction to each of the candidates, which is about what I expected.   But nonetheless, it was a relief to hear a group of intelligent people who appeared committed to something other than themselves.

And, for a change, I didn’t feel like I was being punished, but enlightened.




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  1. They will get beat as long as they are to the left-read the times today-Brooks !and I am a democrat

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