Go for It, Senator Romney

April 21, 2019

Senator Romney’s news release in which he said he was “sickened” by the corruption in the Trump administration can mean only one thing politically:  he is positioning himself to run against Mr. Trump in the GOP primaries. There is an enormous risk to him politically, so it took some courage to come out with his statement.   If he were to decide to run in the primaries, and was actually chosen as the Party’s choice,  he would probably  campaign on traditional Republican values and put as much distance between himself and the Trump version of the Party as he can.  At the least, he might save the Party from a humiliating defeat. He probably isn’t the best choice, being from deep-red Utah, but as an active former Presidential candidate he is a de facto leader in the Party and someone’s got to repair the damage.  Got anyone else in mind?

The question is, of course, whether he would be successful at unseating Trump.  That would require a vigorous support from GOP members of Congress, which would, in turn, require that they abandon Trump well before the primaries.  That may be unlikely.  But I can’t believe Romney would deliberately alienate himself from the Congressional Party leadership unless he sensed a growing alarm about the outcome of the 2020 elections.  If you, like me, believe there is an urgent need to restore a robust two-party system and the return of a bipartisan process of debate, compromise, and action, Romney’s move is encouraging.

But you know what they say about political predictions.  Almost everyone got 2016 wrong.



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