How to Spend Retirement

January 9, 2019

Above, one in a series of lighthouse paintings I do in retirement.   

There is irony in everything.  Not having much room in my condo “studio nee closet,”  I produce small paintings of big things, like landscapes and lighthouses and sailboats, most of which have to do with the sea.  I love looking at the sea; being on it brings on violent seasickness.   So I am content to live vicariously.

But the point of all this is that I am pleased to announce, somewhat timidly, that John Berg, owner of Blissful Gallery  at 854 Fourth Street, sees sufficient merit in them to display them for sale at prices that might pay for lunch at the Lighthouse Cafe on Burke St.  Actually, there is method in the marketing.   There are over 200 apartments ready to be rented just a block away, on Brookstown Rd.   Carole and I peeked in on one the other day and they look very nice.   They aren’t huge, so I figure they need small stuff to decorate.  Thus my small, unframed paintings at affordable prices might just sell.




  1. Name * says:

    really nice painting-do you take classes or study with someone?I have new paintings from Az on my website I like the Hopper cityscapes which I used for inspiration in KC none of that out here!

  2. never can make this work; nice painting-do you study with someone
    check out my new Az paintings

  3. Judy Watson says:

    Beautiful!! You are so multi-talented.

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