book cover of Indiscriminate Distinctions

Indiscriminate Distinctions

September 3, 2013

“Indiscriminate Distinctions,” the second ebook by local writer Warren Dunn, is the story of four talented and privileged young people struggling with their not-so-private hopes and dreams in a highly charged political environment. As a newly minted physics professor, Owen Miller is caught up in a White House initiative to keep science and religion separate in the nation’s classrooms as he organizes a conference on the design of the universe. At the same time, he is trying to choose between the three women in his life, one of them a promising artist who is the long-distance mother of his child. Increasingly confused and frustrated, he finds himself at odds not just with his colleagues but with a President of the United States determined to bring civility to the colloquy between faith and theory as the crowning achievement of his second term.

“Enchanted by his young and beautiful assistant, Miller discovers that love is not just complicated, but terrifying, especially as he finds his feelings for another colleague change from suspicion to deep admiration. What had begun as an academic inquiry quickly spawns a terrorist plot as zealots enter into a desperate conspiracy to sabotage the conference and kill the Vice President, considered by most to be the willing inheritor of a new and better world in which science and religion make room for each other. As Miller sorts through all that is happening in his life, he gradually finds purpose and determination and finally comes to discover what’s important to him.

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