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November 26, 2014

Winston-Salem Journal Covers “Indiscriminate Distinctions: The Exhibition”


     Kathy Norcross Watts, a Special Correspondent for the Winston-Salem Journal did a nice article that reported on the art exhibit and my novel, “Indiscriminate Distinctions.”    It appeared in the Sunday, November 24th edition in the Living Section.   Anyone interested in her coverage of the exhibit and the issue of creationism versus evolution can google Art is Real Winston Salem Journal November 24th, and then click on the fourth entry called Winston-Salem Journal: Relish Now.   That will take you to Kathy’s article.


     I was certainly pleased with the coverage, not so much because I want to sell the book and the Journal does not usually cover self-published ebooks, but because the artworks that translated descriptions of paintings in the book into real art were stunning.    The twelve artists who were invited to submit did an incredible job of taking an abstraction that I made up and turning it into paintings (and one quilt) that captured what I struggled to say about Josie, one of the principal characters in the novel, a talented artist who readers have described as either the epitome of modern womanhood or the most selfish creature ever imagined.   I couldn’t make up my own mind as I wrote about this entirely fictional person who wasn’t even much of a composite.


    I was also pleased that the judges who selected Leslie Kapinski’s “Void 1 $ 2,” as the winner represented the most prestigious museums in Winston-Salem.   That they would take the time to judge the show was extremely flattering and appreciated.


    Perhaps what I was most pleased about was that the exhibition provided some very fine artists an opportunity to show their works.  The Journal reproduced some of the works in the article and I am going to reproduce some here over the next several weeks that the exhibit is up at Hutch and Harris Restaurant at 424 West Fourth St. in Winston-Salem.


    The artists whose works are on display are:


    Helen Etters:  Metamorphosis of a Red Dot,  digital drawing, $200


    Molly Grace; “In This Wave of Fear, From Reading That which You Love Most is Breathtaking After All,”  oil and acrylic, $700


    Paul Hastings; Nature Spiraling Curves,  acrylic on canvas,  $1,200


    Charles Hildebrandt; Untitled, mixed media, SOLD


    Alex Hitchcock,  Untitled, acrylic ink on Yupo, $400


    Leslie Karpinski, Void 1 and Void 2,  mixed media, $380 each


    Wendell Myers, Circles for Josie, acrylic, $300


    Alex Norwood, Josie, Inner & Outer (Dyptich), acrylic, $500


    Hayden Tedder,  Untitled, acrylic, $175


    Mary Bailey Thomas, Life’s Juxtaposition, acrylic paint, inks, and acrylic mediums,  $400


    Kim Varnadoe,  The Demons Inside Us All,  oil on canvas, Polaroid emulsion lifts, pencil, oil pastels, tacks, and photo corners  $450


     Also showing on a non-competitive basis was Carole Cooper, of Muddy Creek Quilts, who called her art “Slash.”  It was 100% quilting cotton, machine ieced, and machine quilted and priced it as $150.   Maybe you guessed Carole is my cherished wife who was hiding behind her maiden name.


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