Still Putting the MOCK in Democracy

November 12, 2018

Carole and I attended the performance of The Capitol Steps on Sunday, a group that started out as amateurs whose day jobs were on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.   That was 35 years ago and boy have they come a long way, baby.   Sunday’s professional performance still had that spontaneous air and a certain insouciant irreverence that endeared them to me then and brought back memories.

In another life, I was sometimes responsible for recommending politically oriented entertainment for members of trade associations coming to Washington for legislative conferences.   One of my closest friends who was the Vice President for Legislative Affairs for one of the most Republican-oriented associations in D.C.  asked if I had any such recommendations and with reckless abandonment I suggested The Capitol Steps.   Remember, this was the Reagan  years.  You can guess the rest of the story about this episode of my sordid past.   There were maybe two, three chuckles from the less conservative cadre, but many felt the mockery was disrespectful.

So, on Sunday when the leader of the group asked how many Democrats were in the audience, about 75 percent or so of the 500 or more in the audience clapped enthusiastically.   When he asked how many Republicans were in the audience, about 25 percent or so applauded just as enthusiastically.

Those are my kind of Republicans.   You know, the kind that can take a joke.   There’s a double-entendre in there somewhere.


  1. Hi Warren,
    Jay and I were there yesterday. Loved every minute of the Capitol Steps. Tobi and Blake has already told us we were in for a real treat. Sorry we missed seeing you and Carole. Let’s get together soon.

  2. I saw them about a month ago. Always good, this was a banner year with so much great material to work with lifted directly from the public square. I try to go every year or so & now annually is not too often. I discovered in Fall 2017 that they perform their complete show as a fundraiser for the Whitman HS post-prom funding. It’s about a mile from my house with great seating & easy parking & definitely the best school fundraiser I’ve ever seen. The Capitol Steps top a bake sale any day!

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