Surveying Winston-Salem

March 14, 2019

Jerry McLeese and I are now deeply involved in an independent and unofficial inquiry into how Winston-Salem is trying to ensure that, as David Brooks in his New York Times column, claims, it is “headed in the right direction” to make sure that all its citizens benefit from the massive changes that have and continue to engulf the city.


As a part of that inquiry, we have constructed a survey that asks a set of five questions intended to identify key factors that contribute to whether Winston-Salem becomes a truly “transformative” city.  We believe it is well on its way because there are so many organizations and committed folks working on the challenges confronting the city.  However, we also believe there are still issues that must be addressed and we want to know whether folks agree with us or not on the priorities.


We need your help.  We need enough responses to our survey in order to reach accurate conclusions.  It’s not a very long survey and if you’re interested in sharing your assessments of the problems our home faces, I would be happy to send you a copy and a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you will give me your address via email.  (  I promise I will keep it confidential.


Please, only those who live in Winston-Salem request the survey.  Stamps are expensive.   If anyone from out-of-town cares to offer an opinion, we would welcome that.

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