The Dumb Things Some People Do

June 4, 2016

Ever since my sister-in-law’s husband, a lawyer, represented a client who was apprehended pushing a large safe down the middle of the street one night because he couldn’t break it open in the store he had broken into and was taking it home to work at in his leisure, I have been fascinated by the dumb things some people do. We all do something dumb once in a while, but some dumb things people do are really, well, dumb.

To wit: A woman who sold a freezer in a yard sale is being sought by police after the purchaser found the body of a woman believed to be the mother of the person selling the freezer inside. No evidence of foul play was found. The seller receives the “Bates Motel Award for Preservation.”

#2: A woman was found guilty of animal cruelty after wrapping her dog’s muzzle with duct tape because she was tired of its barking and then posting a photo on Facebook. She receives the “Paris Hilton Award for Doubtful Self-Promotion.”

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