Update to Watch This Space!

December 2, 2015

Some viewers are hitting the original post Watch This Space and I flatter myself enough to think that they’re interested in just when I might get around to doing whatever I promised to do.  Well, soon.  Brent “Merlin the Magician” Carter is teaching an old dog new tricks and it’s taking a bit longer than it would if I were only 70 instead of nearly 80.   Anyway, Brent tells me that pretty soon you might actually be able to purchase a cheap book or an under-priced piece of fabric art.  As for the Portraits of Pets, we’ll have to find a different way to sell those.   Some pet lovers have told me that as much as they love their pets, they’d think twice before hanging an oil portrait of them next to Grandmother’s photo.   But I am still committed to making it easy to donate to Morgantina, because I think it’s important that budding American classical archaeologists have a place to dig other than in their own backyard.  We’re working on it.

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