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An entirely new web site is coming!

On or about November 15, readers of this web site will be able to purchase all three of my novels, including my latest, COUNTDOWN, either singularly or all three.  My first, “A Virginia Kind of Murder” is the story of illicit love in rural Virginia with a fiendishly complicated plot centered around greed, race, and perfectly understandable vices.   “Indiscriminate Distinctions,” which was an Amazon best seller for over two months, is the story of a privileged group of super smart young people intent on having their own way in pursuit of their personal and professional goals.   COUNTDOWN is the story of an American invasion that never happened, managed by the CIA and frustrated by events way beyond its control.

The new web site will also have quilts for sale.  Actually, they’re more fabric art and they’re made by my wife Carole, who has become recognized as a “quilter” with an eye for color and pattern.  

You will also be able to purchase an oil painting of your best friend.  Professional animal artists produce faithful 16-inch x 20-inch oil portraits of your canine member of the family based on a photograph you submit.   The resulting portrait comes professionally framed by a leading Winston-Salem framer.   The painting and framing costs only $375, depending on the type frame you select.  

You can also become a Friend of Morgantina through the new web site.   Morgantina, located in central Sicily, is one of the last major classical (Hellenist) archaeological site to remain mostly unexcavated.  Each year, American university students from all over the nation descend on Morgantina to explore the mysteries of the past and gain experience in their chosen profession.  

Lastly, I will be writing a weekly column on the new blog entitled Where We Live.   It is intend to be an appreciation for the things we do and see in our new hometown.   

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