What to Do about VADs

June 30, 2019

A VAD stands for Vacant, Abandoned, and Deteriorated properties and Winston-Salem has some and wants to do something about them.   Councilman Jeff MacIntosh, knowing my interest in affordable housing because I think it is at the core of the American dream, even if too many Americans don’t seem to be able to live it, emailed me the following:

“The City Council and management team have placed a renewed focus on addressing vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties that destabilize our neighborhoods, place a heavy demand on city services, and create public safety hazards for our residents.   As part of the goal to develop a more effective and comprehensive approach to tackling these VAD properties, the City has contracted with the national experts at the Center for Community Progress.    Their work in Winston-Salem will rely partly on candid conversations through thoughtful interviews to better understand the challenges of VAD properties and our current practices and policies.  Following the site visit, CCP will provide the City with a technical report including findings and recommendations, which should serve as a blueprint for how the City can move forward with collaboration across departments and with community stakeholders.”

Should make for interesting reading.




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