You Decide

July 1, 2019


You decide who’s smarter, Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump.   Putin was quoted as saying that Western Liberalism was obsolete.  When asked in a press conference at the G20 meeting, standing next to Putin, if he agreed with Putin, Trump responded:

“Well, I think he looks at Los Angeles and San Francisco and sees the awful things that are happening there because they’re run by liberals, it would be hard to disagree.”

Putin probably wasn’t talking about the liberal elite in California, but more about Western ideals and values, like personal liberty, equality, and democracy, which are lumped under the general rubric of Western Liberalism.

So, was Trump, who seems unable to disagree with Putin, even to the point of making fun of Russian interference in our electoral process, simply thinking on his feet about how to avoid disagreeing with Putin and, recognizing an opportunity, decided to deliberately misunderstand the question and use the opportunity to rip into the California liberal elite?

Or was he once again simply demonstrating his ignorance of history and politics?

You decide.

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